Mohel Slavaticki

Mazal Tov! Need a Mohel?

Rabbi Menachem Slavaticki

Certified Mohel - מוהל מוסמך

Rabbi Menachem Slavaticki is a certified Mohel, recognized for upholding the highest standards in both medical and religious practices for brisim. Based in Chicago, he extends his services to the Midwest region and beyond.

What parents say

Rabbi Menahem Slavaticki was fantastic. We feel like fate brought us together and we couldn’t be happier with our Brit Milah experience. We had a different mohel lined up but since our baby arrived a week after his due date, we had to scramble to find a mohel on short notice. We live a 4 hour drive away from Chicago and Rabbi Slavaticki was available and willing to make the drive out to us in order to perform the bris. He prepared us for the procedure and the aftercare instructions well in advance and he was patient and willing to answer any questions we had. On the day of the bris, despite his long distance to travel he was punctual (early), and arrived with a big smile to greet us and our families. He worked with us to ensure we had the appropriate setup and was very flexible with the flow with when to start the ceremony.

Nir Ben-Shlomo - 1

He was meticulous with his instrument setup, washed his hands and ensured the area was clean/sterile for the procedure. When he spoke to the audience he had a kind yet commanding voice that everyone could hear, and he said beautiful things about the meaning of the bris, why we perform this ceremony, and contextualized the ceremony for the entire audience regardless of their background. During the act he was quick, and performed the actual circumcision efficiently and with a practiced hand. He included our local Chabad Rabbi in the ceremony, and honored him with the opportunity to say a few words as well. For the weeks after, he was very available and communicative via WhatsApp to ensure our boy had the appropriate aftercares and wound healing. All in all we are so happy to have had Rabbi Slavaticki as our mohel and we’ll be calling him back if we are blessed enough to have another son!

Nir Ben-Shlomo - 2

Not only Rabbi Slavaticki performed the Bris of our grandson quickly, cleanly, with all the hygiene, but also in such a friendly and informal manner that we all still recollect this day with joy. We had similar comments from our friends who joined us that day. Needless to say, our grandson recovered very quickly and without the slightest complication.

Makhail and Irina

Rabbi Slaviticki surpassed all our expectations in a mohel. Not only was he cordial and professional, he went out of his way to provide excellent care before, during, and even in the weeks following the bris. The ceremony was beautiful, Rabbi Slaviticki did a great job, and everything healed quickly and cleanly. We highly recommend him!!!

Yaakov Pole

מי שקורא את ההמלצה הזו שידע שהיא נכתבה מכל הלב בהערכה רבה לרבי מנחם, שמל את הבן שלנו במרץ 2023. הליווי והתמיכה הצמודים של הרב התחילו עוד מבית החולים, לוודא שיש את כל המדדים הנכונים כדי לקיים את הברית. ביום הברית עצמו הרב הרגיע והכיל אותנו עם כל הלחץ וההתרגשות שלנו ההורים, הכין את התינוק בנחת וניהל את האירוע בפנים מאירות, זריזות ומקצועיות יוצאת דופן. אנחנו מודים על הליווי הצמוד, התמיכה והזמינות של הרב לכל שאלה או ספק לאורך כל התהליך. הרגשנו את האכפתיות האמתית והשליחות. זכות גדולה ואשרינו שזכינו לרב מוהל שכזה. בע״ה שירבו שמחות לכל עם ישראל.

דביר דריימן

My wife and I were not sure to do the Brit-Mila in Chicago or wait to go back to France and do it with our mohel, family and friends. Rav Menachem was highly recommended and we decided to go with him. That was a great decision, not only he performed one of the best Brit-Mila I have ever experienced but he managed to create a very cozy and unforgettable atmosphere at the temple. He showed carefulness and interest in the health of our son Gabriel Aaron and texting us regularly to ask out his healing. We are grateful to have found him and he will definitely be part of our lives for ever.

Jacky and Alexandra

Rabbi Slaviticki was absolutely fantastic and I would recommend him to anyone I know having a Bris! I called him after our son was born to schedule the Bris, and he was very accommodating as we wanted to start the Bris at a specific time during the late afternoon. He visited our home to see the baby a few days before the Bris, to make sure our son was ready. During the Bris, he spoke about the tradition’s significance, ensured everyone we wanted was involved in the ceremony with an honor, and truly spoke beautifully. We had approx. 100 people attend the Bris, and so so many people came up to me and my wife after to complement the Mohel. After the ceremony, the Mohel showed us how to bandage and care for the wound, and shared written down instructions. He made clear many times that he is available 24/7 to answer any questions. Rabbi Slaviticki checked in with us the day after and even came to visit our son a few days after the Bris to make sure the healing was going well. He did such a good job, that thankfully we haven’t had any concerns and the baby barely cried. The Mohel went far above and beyond our expectations and I hope to work with him again!

Zack and Samantha Weinstein

Rabbi Slavaticki recently performed the Brit Milah for our son. When we first contacted him, he was very attentive and easy to speak with. It was clear that the well-being of our son was of the utmost importance to him. He was very flexible, willing to drive 4 hours each way so that we were able to have the Bris in the comfort of our home. The Brit itself was skillfully and professionally done. Afterwards, he continued to check in on our son every few days to make sure the healing process was going smoothly. We thank Hashem for bringing us to Rabbi Slavaticki and would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a Mohel!

Shayna & Leon Siegel

On March 8, 2024, my husband and I joyfully welcomed our son into the world, and we were delighted to have Rabbi Menachem Slavaticki join us to officiate and rejoice in the Brit Milah ceremony. Our connection with Rabbi Menachem dates back two years ago when he officiated our wedding, a truly memorable occasion. Rabbi Menachem impresses with his warmth, kindness, and lively personality, effortlessly creating an atmosphere of celebration. His ability to gather people and share insightful teachings from the Torah is remarkable. We deeply value his commitment to upholding Jewish traditions, celebrating Mitzvahs, and honoring our faith. Including him in both our wedding and our son's Brit Milah ceremony has been a privilege. During the Brit Milah ceremony itself, Rabbi Menachem demonstrated exceptional professionalism, clarity, and responsibility. His demeanor was calm and welcoming, ensuring a smooth and meaningful experience for both the baby and the parents. The ceremony proceeded swiftly and cleanly, without causing any undue stress or discomfort. We wholeheartedly recommend Rabbi Menachem for any Rabbi or Mohel services, as he truly excels in his role. He is, without a doubt, the best choice for such significant occasions.

Tracey and Yogev Ben Shalom

Rabbi Slaviticki was incredible - we couldn’t recommend him more! Most importantly, he did a fantastic job with the actual bris and the follow up care. He was quick and precise with the bris - our baby barely cried! He gave us clear care instructions for afterwards and checked in on us frequently for weeks, always responding to any question right away. During the ceremony, he also spoke beautifully and incorporated everything we wanted to share in a meaningful way. He is very kind, patient, warm, and made everybody feel comfortable. He even integrated both our ashkenazi and Sephardi customs together to make all the family very happy. We would go to him again in a heartbeat!

Anastasia Iskow